Cynosure Shop

We Are Cynosure Shop.

   An eclectic online shopping experience set to give you so many cool & colorful options from the closet to the streets. 

Cynosure Shop sells variety. 

We sell selectively. 

   And we do it to cultivate the other side of who you are deep within who's never shown the true you. Since childhood we've put on masks, built walls to protect ourselves. It's now embedded that we shouldn't dance like nobody is watching. Even if nobody's there most of us still feel embarrassed to dance! Trust me I can't dance but I wiggle and squirm to any beat per minute in a grocery store or gas station! if there's an upbeat tune knocking on my eardrum my hip and shoulder go with it! Be free. Allow yourself to grow through the awareness that first you understand you can't dance, then you're afraid to dance, then say F'ck it and hop like a bunny on go cut a rug!

   Loosen up the tight grips on making a fool of yourself, for someone might laugh at you and judge you stink like armpit but at least you moved your body, it's what we're supposed to be doing with our vessels and not sit in front of a laptop trying to make a sale! Next song you hear and like at least start laughing about how you read this, viewed the youtube video and felt reminded to smell like armpit!

   Final who we are as an online store. The colors available in their many forms are to inspire, bring vitality and life from a tong while cooking to a colorful pair of socks that nobody will see. We've mistaken the fact that getting dressed is for others who will see but this is backwards! Get dressed feeling great happy about your ensemble because it's truly you! For those who judge, they're the ones who refuse to dance, wear labels that have nothing to do with the core you. 

   Find something valuable with color at the Shop. Imagine using it every day livening up your essence as a human with vibrant colors that yell out your personality and actually make you happy!

Be the youthful soul that you are. Souls never get old its the body that is fragile. Use it before you lose it and shake what your mama gave ya in the clothing you truly feel inspired and happy to be wearing.


Photo Credit: Tony Caracciolo

Logo Credit: bastienroque - Graphic and motion designer on