Emails: Subscribing with Cynosure Shop

   For the majority of business owners automated email subscriptions are the perfect way to keep loyal or new customers involved and well informed about products and services. When I'm checking my emails daily, I absolutely loathe being bombarded with emails about products! So I've taken a strong consideration about my customers using my personal perspective to say, "Cynosure Shop doesn't need to flood your life with emails to make sales!" Other business owners will continue with the normal email approach and thats great for them. This does depend on the type of product or better yet, services one may provide. Analytics show the more emails with CTA the more revenue, so this topic doesn't concern everyone in the online world.

   For instance, I recently subscribed to a lawyer speaking on loads of topics from USPTO/LLC talks to full coverage insurance on your business property and the list gets longer. This lawyer within the first 3 days I had received 6 emails. I could read each one, I could just delete them and carry on but whats the point in not listening to his services and stories? So it became overwhelming and I unsubscribed myself on the 3rd day. I only wanted info that pertained to my specific business needs at the moment, not the entire law office backstory, what he ate for lunch and extensive services he was capable of providing. And the thing is this is only the layer, I have loads of others prompting my full attention through emails blasting away at me. Welcome to the world of business.

   So there you have it! Tony is extending his thoughtfulness once more so you have peace of mind when shopping with CS! Customer service is a priority and discounts are always available so make sure to pop in every once in a while and check out the new gear added to the Collections! Any questions contact:

Be well my friends. 

Photo credit: Torsten Dettlaff