Our Story at CS

   The founder is a world traveler who'd like to take the wheel and guide you towards interesting items.

   Tony understands there are different styles for different smiles. From the economic, eclectic to the exotic. There's only a few things you rely on daily and you're surely find something new to rely on here at Cynosure Shop.

   The Shop offers classic items closets should be filled with to accessories that demand attention. Tony screams, "It's time to embrace your diversity and express it without words! Exude confidence and switch to colorful or maintain the all natural products being used in your life and continue to enjoy mother nature!"

   It's the Shops *selective variety that brings a complete and balanced vision of a fun, fulfilled lifestyle.

   Take this popular women's jacket for instance.

.  At first glance most people won't like it yet it's super playful and colorful, bright and *childlike. This example should NOT have an age limit or limit someone from wearing it into the big city or outside in nature. If you're running daily errands on-the-go in your favorite city or throwing snowballs surrounded by white powder with birds chirping... It's not about the jacket keeping you warm, it's about showcasing your personality simply by throwing it over your shoulders based upon your mood that day. The colors do the rest. Even grandmothers dye their hair bright colors and have energetic souls! No age limit should stop you from being your true self! Exude your true personality from within by expressing it through your clothing.

   If bright colors are not your preference there's so much more, you just need to have a look through the different collections assembled. For instance, this long winter vest is sure to keep warm with mild colors.

   And the Shop isn't just a place for women. Men have their fair share of complimentary items for fashion and flare that will steadily grow as time passes. 

   Not every man wants to wear a suit but you should have at least one in your closet. If no suits are desired, a smart casual waistcoat is absolutely perfect for any occasion. And don't worry, jeans can still be worn and your favorite cotton t-shirt will still be there neatly folded when you get back home. 

   After months of hard work and planning Cynosure Shop came into the world with loads of quality merchandise to offer. People feel stressed and depressed, even Tony is in the same frame of mind and fighting through it all by finding *solutions and never giving up!

   Since 2020 human beings around the globe are still experiencing difficulties in every category. The Shops founder has had one hell of a 2020 to say the least. The birthing of this e-commerce venture stems from soul searching during very turbulent times. What takes the the entire cake of it all is the coming truth. Death and the dying. 8 people to this date of December 27th, 2020 have passed away in Tony's life. It's an absurd number and only ONE of these individuals was confirmed with the COVID pandemic. It all started the beginning of January 2020 when a family member was struck with cancer, so it was deemed necessary to relocate the family from living in Bangkok, Thailand to a small city in Argentina. Quarantine quickly became standard protocol causing lockdown for the months following, leaving many memories of that year just a blur. Now in 2021 Tony is still stuck in Argentina working from his laptop. In all honestly Cynosure Shop has been created out of desperation due to financial issues being stuck in a foreign country for now 1.8 years without an income. The last of Tony's money went into this website as an investment to make ends meet during this personal and global crisis and things are improving. Products are sourced from abroad and services are at the ready with marketing being the next big challenge to gain peoples trust in this little adventure. 

   So in all this chaos why consider other peoples needs? Tony's stuck with his own. It's what people are doing during tough times like these that spark creativity and inspiration. Working from home and being in quarantine expanded food delivery. Events like COVID turned sights towards the e-commerce realms. Some people have held on to their jobs while others search for work and with all of this, the world keeps spinning and you need to look presentable. Whether it's a job interview or a Zoom call impressions will never go away, thats why they call them lasting. 

   Sayings like, "No matter where you go, there you are" or "Happiness is a state of mind." Tony believes this is true but not entirely. 

   20+ years of traveling living out of only luggages, being a professional model, actor and baseball athlete it was through traveling the world where the majority of it was not pretty yet exponential growth blossomed from these experiences.

   Cynosure Shop cannot provide the air for you to take those profoundly deep relaxing breaths but our cushions are extensively sourced to benefit your alone time. Whether during meditation or those intimate get togethers with friends and family during coffee and tea time, sitting on the floor is the closest to being grounded as we can get! Our Cushions Collection is certainly enticing.

   While all types of fitness are important Yoga is a key pillar to physical, mental and spiritual health and wealth. We provide Fitness Mats for those who already practice and encourage newbies to start. Yoga has proven to transform lives and our mats have personality. "Enhance YOUR Uniqueness" is boldly stated from the Shop.

   Our commitment to essential products is for anyone's lifestyle. We've sprinkled and spread them around our Eclectic Collections to provide the balance amongst the plastic and man made. While plastic isn't going anywhere wish to provide added warmth and cozy feelings throughout your home and personal life.

   Overall we take pride in quality over quantity, kind customer service, and styles you wouldn't normally have considered. Imagine a colorful stainless steel piece on your countertop or a wooden plate left on the coffee table. Applying an all natural ingredient for skin care and exfoliation during YOU time then sitting down on a comfortable cushion instead of a machine made chair. The majority of Cynosure Shop is Unisex, we'd like to break down the constructs and break down the walls built in general. Sign up for our newsletter and blogs, let's see if we can provide different views of shopping, yourself and how we're all related to the world.

   Inspiration placed all around our daily doings detailed from the littlest designs to the obvious elephants in the room! Eclectic is the key, if everything was black, white and grey our world wouldn't be very lively now would it!

Photo Credit: Tirachard-Kumtanom, Cottonbro at www.pexels.com