The Woes of the Entrepreneur

   As I stand in an Argentine kitchen, a US citizen stuck here from quarantine with cat next to me on the counter, barefoot, clammy hands from the heavy humid summer air entering from the wide open back door, I couldn't help but to laugh at whats been going on during my path as a new online company. It's tough! I can see why people quit but this isn't an option for me, I have no other choice but to make it happen! 

   Facebook still has me disapproved for noncompliance to their policies which seems hidden in plain site. This platform is a much longer topic than I'll write about today.

   Instagram has me ineligible for not being established so from both platforms there will be no boosting posts with the hope of climbing out of a financial downfall from a touchy topic previously explained a bit somewhere in the cracks of Cynosure's Shops birthing. 

   Even if a new store receives a thumbs up on those platforms doesn't mean money will come pouring like Niagara Falls so my hard work continues behind the scenes. I'm now apart of the elite, every other group of worker bees in front of a laptop striving for air at the bottom of the barrel. It's actually fun. 

   Google's finally been set up and there are some hick-ups and all of the above were to be expected. I launched earlier than I should have due to excitement of getting this site into the world! Still, not many eyeballs have seen it or will bite the colorful bait. But this has been such an amazing learning journey into new tabs and computer windows, I think I have at least 50 tabs open right now. 

   The final paragraph to this quick blog for now is if you're on the same path don't give up! Perceiver! You and I both have came too far to just leave it be. Keep creating what you want people to experience, provide the service you feel is best! Money will come to those who figure it out and success is not only hitting target margins for financial gains. Profit of this sort does feel good and is worth the extra efforts to plug away, keep at it! Don't stop unless the world has no more internet!


Photo Credit: Cottonbro