Yoga & Meditation

Allow me this moment to hit you at your core for inspiration, nostalgia, reflection about life and encouragement to keep the mind, body and soul fit in every single way. Yoga connects the mind with the body, working in harmony together during the focus on the pose while incorporating each breath... Meditation connects the same yet at a more subtle and profound level of self awareness when sitting still and listening to the chatter of the mind. All noise will cease then clarity finally presents itself. From the third eye and the vast nothingness  discussions of untranslatable messages are revealed. It is up to us to decipher our relationship to those visions and voices transmitted from the frequencies all around and within us. An ever beginning nor never ending path with twists, turns and bumps to shake and wake the egos perspective to live selflessly. Giving and kindness is our heartfelt nature while the flip side of ego has its own destructive agenda. They say kill or be killed but we all must one day go. I say tame or be tamed not for power but as a communal awareness forging oneness. For the self control of ones anger, impulses and contradictions unknowingly projecting your fears onto the next. It's the awareness to merge our energies and walk together when we win, go at it alone selfishly and you'll be left as such depending on the topic. The black sheep is my friend, the misfit taking a less traveled path fed me a different understanding from domestication. Currently I'm not meditating but this does not make me a hypocrite for I've seen shapeshifting visions sober without plant medicine. Go within and work hard until yo don't need to work then all will become an autopilot journey when closing the eyelids, transcending what we call normal and life to an awareness so deep about where we came from and why we are here meditations suddenly take you adrift into lucid dreaming... Which is another journey...

One last topic I'd like to mention is cleaning out your intestinal tract. It is SUCH an essential part for clarity of mind along for the body to run at full capacity. They say, "You are what you eat." True indeed. I'm not pushing veganism but I've felt and seen results in going majority vegetables entering my body. Personally I call myself a "flexatarian" for the simple fact it's ok to eat meat or to have carbs. Take the Keto diet, it's doing wonders for peoples body types and genetic make-ups are something even if we try to understand or do our best to eat healthy and stay fit there's no guarantee to live past 100 so indulge in foods deemed unhealthy. They will force organs in your body work and not be kept in the idle everything is going great state, this can't be healthy as well. This paragraph may seem a bit off track but in reality these are all a tightly woven together system, branches to a tree for an optimally healthy running body. Juicing, fasting from foods, fasting with water. Hell, fasting from electronics is a MUST! 

I'll stop here it's already past my bedtime ;)

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Photo Credit: Andrej-Lišakov