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Colorful Print Imitation Suede + TPE Rubber Fitness Mat (7 different styles)


Great reviews from previous customers about these new colorful print designs available stating the non-slip TPE rubber is perfect while working out. The size is standard and easy to carry plus the material has great padding, high density and is tear resistant! Also super easy to clean after intense workouts without worry of colors fading!

TPE is an eco-friendly foam material, made from non-toxic recycled biodegradable materials which are versatile and have replaced rubbers and PVC. 

Size: 183cm*68cm*6mm


Please allow 7-21 business days for arrival. Due to Covid shipments have become a bit slower. The good thing about this product is it's not a liquid so it should provide a speedy delivery as it passes through customs and border inspection. 

Depending on product *Covid shipping delays can slow the delivery process from 30-50 days! Once your product is purchased we will then contact the supplier for any extended changes other than 7-21 days. If there's a longer shipping time we will notify you.

Origin: China
Thickness: 6mm 
Color: 5 Different Style Prints Available
Size: 183cm*68cm*6mm
Upper Material: Imitation Suede
Lining Material: TPE Rubber

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