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Men's Classic White Resin Handle Shaving Brush


Add some class to your shaving routine. The badger (Manchuria) hair has been selected carefully in parts of mainland China where this family has been involve with this business for decades. It's a very soft brush your significant other might wish to use for her make up! Tell her to get her own! 

Super high density knot brings a stronger backbone. If the loft is less than 46mm, this will cause foam difficulties due to excessive density. 

Badger hair is used because of cold temperatures in Northern China, the fur is very soft and the height of the hair is easier to judge when crafting by hand.

Manchuria refers to the finest quality of the Badger hair. There's a time consuming process to gather the hair and retain the oil, resulting in ultra soft smooth hair tip.


Please allow 7-21 business days for arrival. Due to Covid shipments have become a bit slower. The good thing about this product is it's not a liquid so it should provide a speedy delivery as it passes through customs and border inspection. 

Depending on product *Covid shipping delays can slow the delivery process from 30-50 days! Once your product is purchased we will then contact the supplier for any extended changes other than 7-21 days. If there's a longer shipping time we will notify you.

Item Type: Synthetic White Resin Shaving Brush

Diameters: 24, 26

Handle Height: 65mm

 Loft: 52mm, 54mm

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