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Tranquil TPE Rubber Yoga Mats (Solid or with Posture Line)

TPE rubber ready for your hardcore workouts! We believe it's time you select a new fitness, pilates, yoga mat that compliments who you are on the inside. Solid color or with posture line we believe one of these mats are best suited for your fitness journey.
TPE is an eco-friendly foam material, made from non-toxic recycled biodegradable materials which are versatile and have replaced rubbers and PVC. 
Material: Environmental protection TPE natural rubber
Size: 183cm * 66cm
Thickness: 6mm
Style: Solid color version
           Posture line version
Color: Light green, dark green, red, pink, purple, aqua marine
Occasion: Yoga, training, fitness, pilates
Users: Women & Men
  • Waterproof
  • Non-slip
  • Easy to clean
  • High quality
  • Environmental protection rubber
  • Applicable for all age groups.
  • 6mm is perfect for beginners and can effectively buffer forceful impacts.
Package content: 1* Yoga Mat
                          1*Mesh bag
                          1*Tied rope (random color)


Please allow 7-21 business days for arrival. Due to Covid shipments have become a bit slower. The good thing about this product is it's not a liquid so it should provide a speedy delivery as it passes through customs and border inspection. 

Depending on product *Covid shipping delays can slow the delivery process from 30-50 days! Once your product is purchased we will then contact the supplier for any extended changes other than 7-21 days. If there's a longer shipping time we will notify you.

Material: TPE Rubber
Thickness: 6 mm 
Length: 183cm*66cm
Package include: 1*TPE yoga mat+1*rope+1*net bag

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